If you follow my blog, you’ll likely be hearing a lot about my mom. (And if you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll receive a regular feature that I call “A Tip from My Mom”!) She is a big inspiration to me personally and most of the principles I use for Cubiki come from her. My mom, who is amazing through and through, has a particular talent…for housework. Now, hold onto your objections and hear me out. I know what you’re thinking – “Arrrggghhhhhh! Stop setting us back 70 years, she’s so much more than housework!” But that’s my point. What she does is so much more than housework. It’s homework. She takes all of the things that make a house a house and turns them into a beautiful, welcoming and comfortable home.

Dusty? Never. You will not find a hairball hiding in the corners of my mother’s living room (I am currently eyeing one in the corner of mine). The ironing is done, the laundry is folded, and there is never a dirty dish on the counter. You won’t even find a crumb in the sink!

You may think it sounds sterile, but that’s the thing…it’s not. Not a bit. She displays photographs and souvenirs from her travels, and artwork from her children and grandchildren are not just pinned to the fridge, they are framed and displayed prominently throughout her home. She is an avid reader and her bookshelves are always full and always beautiful. Spotless houses are often boring, but hers never is.

The picture in your mind may be of a harried woman, stressed and worried about her house. Remove it. That is not her at all. The thing that I’ve always admired most about her housekeeping, is her flawless execution. What can be very difficult for some, she carries out in a seemingly effortless way. She doesn’t just keep her home tidy and organized, she lives in it and its organization and warmth are extensions of the amazing woman that she is. She does all this and still manages to regularly get to yoga, aquacise and dragon boating. She has a busier social life than I do and is always out somewhere taking photographs or eating with friends.

She is an inspiration to me always, and on this day from the bottom of my heart to you mom, happy Mother’s Day!

No matter how you plan on spending this Mother’s Day, I hope you take a moment to celebrate the mom in your life – whether it’s your own mom, your partner, or another loved one who inspires you to make your house a home for you and the people you care about.