Shannon worked with me to organize and prioritize my home and the results are nothing short of remarkable!
When we first met for a consultation she did something amazing, she saw me in the clutter, she visualized who I really was and explained to me what she saw. She was spot on! As a mother of five I was used to setting up my home as a family home. Now I was single and all the kids were gone but I was still setting my environment up for family zone, minimizing myself and my needs as I’d always done. She saw that!! My apartment is quite small and devoting so much space to a reality that had grown and gone was getting in the way of me giving space to myself to grow and thrive.
Shannon suggested we arrange the apartment in a way that maximized its use toward my own needs. Her suggestions were gold and I implemented them immediately. I sorted and categorized. Threw things away…lots of things, donated viable items, etc..
We booked an appointment for one month after the consultation for her to come and work with me to finalize the main living area. Five hours later and you could finally see me everywhere. With Shannons help my needs and my life were exposed. My entire view and focus changed. My home music/video recording and editing studio has a focus point now instead of being buried in the corner of the main living area, where I had sequestered myself. 
Shannon has brilliant ideas on organizing and what to keep and what to discard. With her help I went through things that were holding my energy in a non productive way. The entire process was therapeutic, equal to a mental and emotional cleansing!
Shannon helped me bloom! I highly recommend her and intend to use her services again.
Mareike Kraus

Musician and Artist, Cubiki Client

Shannon came over to help me style our dining room wall. We’re so happy with the result – it’s a new focal point in our home! Shannon has a great eye and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend getting her help with home styling and organization!

Alison Palmer

Cubiki Client, Biologist

I’ve known Shannon for many years in her capacity as a graphic designer. When I heard she was starting Cubiki, I thought it was a perfect fit given her eye for detail, design experience, and wonderful organizational skills. We had her come and arrange a photo wall for us, and we absolutely love it! We can’t wait to have her back to do additional projects in our house and make it a more livable and lovely home. Bonus: she did a few puzzles with our daughter while she was here, so everyone in the family “won”.

Sheila Louis

Cubiki Client, Marketing Manager and Mom

Cubiki helped me organize my studio……beautifully and ever so kindly found ways to use my visual chaos in an organized way. My world has changed. If you want to hire an insightful organizer, one who’s willing to work with the real wonderful disaster you are…hire Shannon!!!

Kim O'Brien

Artist, Cubiki Client


Ready to fall in love?


Shannon Pawliw
Creative Director, Cubiki

Shannon is a professional home organizer and stylist. She is also a graphic designer and an artist. 

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