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At the beginning of each session, before we begin the organization process, we will focus on your overall intention, and then decide what’s needed to achieve these goals. In the end it’s not just about “tidying up” — it’s about creating a life that is organized and peaceful. A life lived with intention cannot be achieved if our surroundings are constantly tripping us up.



We will start by identifying the items you love. By doing this, we start on a high note and also find some clarity with regard to the items that are holding you back. We also assess the purpose(s) of the room and whether all of the items contained work together to achieve that purpose. 



As items are removed from the space, they are divided into these categories—keep, donate, sell, repurpose, recycle, and lastly…trash. This process will help you change your day-to-day habits and actions that create clutter, so you can mindfully reach your goals. Together we can change your personal narrative and even the beliefs about yourself that are holding you back.



Getting organized also means having a positive impact on the environment. It’s not about replacing what you own—it’s about re-placing what you own. The final step on the re-organization journey is to place all of the items you love in an artful and practical way. It should be noted that the emphasis will be to get you organized using what you currently own, without having to purchase anything.

For example…

The diagrams below show what I did for a client who was just starting a home based business and wanted to add an office area to her one bedroom apartment. She had very little space (roughly 400 sq feet) that needed to serve as both her living room and office. She had some really great pieces, but they were covered in clutter and needed to be re-organized and re-purposed. I helped her go through her clutter and eliminate what was holding her back. Together we re-arranged the room to accommodate her new standing desk and re-organized her book shelf to hold the things she loved.

When creating a new floor plan I consider the furniture arrangement, traffic patterns, rugs/flooring, floor lamps, houseplants, etc.


1. Existing sofa
2. Area rug
3. Antique arm chair
4. Console
5. Drapes
6. Existing painting
7. Painting from Grandmother
8. Photo of Grandmother
9. Floor lamp/side table combo
10. Antique typewriter
11. Repurposed 2-drawer filing cabinet
12. Tall bookshelf with storage
13. New standing desk
14. Fireplace
15. Painting of dog
16. Antique radio

When creating a wall plan I consider window coverings, art placement, doorways, mirrors, shelving, houseplants, collections, etc.


Sample advice – Because of where the outlets are, this corner is the best spot for your new home office. You mentioned you were thinking of switching to a standing desk and I think it would work perfectly here. Find something with a fairly slim profile and in white to match the wall. If you can find something to hide the cords, all the better. Your existing filing cabinet can be painted and used beneath the desk, or you could look for a desk with everything in one unit. A nice, bold abstract painting (or portrait) would look terrific on the wall to the right.


Sample advice – Your north wall is dominated by the large window. I would place your beautiful mid-century console right in the centre of it. This would also be a great place to show off your antique typewriter. Because the console is adjacent to your office area, you’re in danger of cluttering it up with work things. Having the typewriter there should help with that.

Even though you have venetian blinds, I would recommend adding some white drapes. They would frame the window and the console nicely and give the room a feeling of height. If you find they interfere with the radiator, then you can do without.

Seriously though…all sides of the cube should be considered!


Sample advice – Since you’re in a rental, not much can be done here. You have wall sconces and adding any other lighting would be too intrusive. You should definitely paint the ceiling the same white as the walls and if you’re up for it, you can remove the blades from your ceiling fan and paint them to match. Whatever you do, keep the blades clean and dusted!

Cubiki benefits every stage of life. It is perfect for you if you are...

  • a new parent
  • a seasoned parent
  • newly divorced
  • considering divorce
  • preparing to move
  • recently moved
  • a busy professional
  • preparing to rent on AirBnB
  • adopting a pet
  • planning a garage sale
  • an empty nester
  • a collector
  • feeling stuck
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • terminally ill
  • elderly
  • newly disabled
  • aesthetically challenged
  • chronically messy
  • preparing to sell a home
  • starting a new business
  • starting a new project


Ready to fall in love?


Shannon Pawliw
Creative Director, Cubiki

Shannon is a professional home organizer and stylist. She is also a graphic designer and an artist. 

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