Cubiki can help you fall back in love with your home. 

What happens to all of my stuff?

That’s entirely up to you! Once the new design is implemented, your items (books, art and other decor items) will be sorted into six categories—keep, donate, sell, repurpose, recycle, and trash.

The items designated as ‘keep’ are used in the room’s re-design. The items labelled ‘donate’ will be distributed (by you) to various charities. Of course what we’ve suggested is merely a recommendation, you may choose to change any items’ designation. Nothing is EVER given away without your permission. We have recommended several local charities on our Resources page.

You can decide what you’d like to do with the items that are considered good enough to sell. If you have a lot of these items, you may want to consider a garage sale. Or, if you have just a few, you may want to list them on Craigslist or Ebay.

Items that have been designated for repurposing can either be moved to a different part of the home or re-used in the room for another purpose. Items that can use a little TLC are also included in this category. It’s amazing what a coat of paint or new upholstery can do!

Any paper or recyclables will be placed in your municipal bin. Same goes for the trash.

How do you decide what stays and what goes?

We will work together on this, but I follow the very simple tenet expressed by William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

What if I want to keep everything?

If you’re not ready to discard anything, that’s perfectly fine. We will do everything we can to tastefully incorporate it all in the new decor. We may suggest that some items be stored or strategically hidden. In that case, I will focus on creative storage solutions that will keep your items at hand, but less obviously visible.

How long does the transformation take?

We can usually complete a living room or bedroom in 5 hours. A kitchen or bathroom may take longer. 

Is home organization right for me?

Cubiki is perfect for you if you are:

A new parent, a seasoned parent, newly divorced, considering divorce, preparing to move, recently moved, a busy professional, terminally ill, elderly, newly disabled, aesthetically challenged, chronically messy, preparing to sell a home, starting a new business, starting a new project, hosting a party, preparing to rent on AirBnB, adopting a pet, planning a garage sale, an empty nester, a collector, feeling stuck, or feeling overwhelmed.

How much does it cost?

Packages range from $100 to $5000. The cost depends on the level of support you need to complete your home transformation and the number of lessons/frequency needed based on your own preferences, budget and organizing goals. Other factors include: size of your home, how much you have, if there are additional items in storage, how fast we work and whether you continue on your own or complete the assigned homework in between lessons. If you decide to book an initial consultation, we can discuss some options based on your organizing goals and budget. 

What type of payment do you accept?

I can accept Visa, MasterCard or Interac Email Money transfer. Please note full payment for your Home Transformation package is required at time of booking to secure your date.

How do I book an appointment?

Please start by sending in a contact request. Based on your organizing goals and budget, I can give you my recommendations to see which option and package is best suited for you. We will then book a consultation call to discuss any questions you may have and ensure my services are aligned with your needs. Once you’re ready, we can proceed to book your first session.

What is your cancellation policy?

For a full refund, please cancel more than 7 days prior to your scheduled session time. Cancellations under 48 hours will incur a cancellation fee of $100. The remaining balance will not be refundable but can be applied towards your next session(s).

What geographical areas do you serve?

I only service the BC Lower Mainland, I prefer to work in Vancouver and West Vancouver, because those locations are most accessible by foot, bike, or bus. I will go anywhere serviced by public transit. I try to live a greener life, so I don’t own a car. 

Should I tidy up before our session?

Try to resist the urge to tidy up before I arrive. It will be helpful for me to know what your patterns and habits are and where your home needs the most work. That said, if there’s anything embarrassing in the back of your nightstand, I’ll understand if you want to move it elsewhere.

Do I need to purchase any additional storage solutions before our session?

I recommend holding off on purchasing any new storage or organizational items until the end. During the organizational process, all storage is considered temporary until we’re ready to re-introduce items to the room. Quite often, we’re able to use what you already have for storage. When additional items are needed, I can provide suggestions or source the items for you.

Do you offer gift certificates or wedding registry?

Yes, we currently offer gift certificates and can provide you with a purchase link for your registry. Contact us directly for more details.

Are you a member of any professional organizations?
Are you covered by insurance?

Yes, I have a commercial general liability and professional liability insurance policy.

Will my information remain confidential?

Absolutely! I will not disclose any information about you or identify you as a client. If photos are taken to document your progress, they will only be shared if you have given me permission to do so. I will always keep your location, name and personal info confidential.


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Shannon Pawliw
Creative Director, Cubiki

Shannon is a professional home organizer and stylist. She is also a graphic designer and an artist. 

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