Cubiki helps you love what you already have.

Home improvement sessions are provided as ‘packages’ that are customized to suit your needs. 

Starter Package
5 hours (one session)

Mover’s Package
20 hours (4 sessions – two before and two after)
$1900 – Save 10%


Standard Package
30 hours (6 sessions)
$2550 – Save 15%

Complete Package
50 hours (10 sessions)
$4000 – Save 20%


All packages include the following services:
  1. In-person, guided exercises.
  2. Hands-on, in-home organizing.
  3. A workbook to help you define your ideal home.
  4. Basic organizing supplies. 
  5. Advice on where to find storage solutions and organizing products.
  6. Resources for item donation/recycling.
  7. Email and text (9am-5pm) support in between lessons.


Starter Package
5 hours (one session) – $500

Suitable for single people or couples without children who live in an apartment or condo and who don’t mind a bit of ‘homework’ after I leave. 

Mover’s Package
20 hours (4 sessions – two before and two after move) $1900 – Save 10%

This package is perfect for people overwhelmed at the prospect of an upcoming move. Before the move I will help you pack the things you love. I will also help you decide what to keep and provide you with tips that I’ve learned to make moving easier. After the move, I will help you unpack and make suggestions for artful placement of your things. 

Standard Package
30 hours (6 sessions) $2550 – Save 15%

This package is suitable for an average sized, family home. Using a very collaborative process, I will help you arrange you and your family’s belongings to feature the things that you love and make sure that the problem areas of your home are addressed. I will also help you to get rid of unnecessary items, organize what you have and provide you with suggestions as to how to place your things in an artful and calming way.

Complete Package
50 hours (10 sessions) $4000 – Save 20%

This package is a more extensive version of the Standard Package for those who have a lot of stuff and want to tackle every room in the house. We will work together in a very hands-on way. This is perfect for when you need someone to take charge and guide you through an extensive de-cluttering of your entire home.

NOTE: These services is currently for Lower Mainland residents only. ‘Standard Package’ and ‘Complete Package’ hours can be shared between family members in the same household. Additional hours can be booked at a discounted rate based on the package selected. All home improvement packages are priced at $100/hr unless otherwise stated.

Cubiki benefits every stage of life. It is perfect for you if you are...

  • a new parent
  • a seasoned parent
  • newly divorced
  • considering divorce
  • preparing to move
  • recently moved
  • a busy professional
  • preparing to rent on AirBnB
  • adopting a pet
  • planning a garage sale
  • an empty nester
  • a collector
  • feeling stuck
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • terminally ill
  • elderly
  • newly disabled
  • aesthetically challenged
  • chronically messy
  • preparing to sell a home
  • starting a new business
  • starting a new project


Ready to fall in love?


Shannon Pawliw
Creative Director, Cubiki

Shannon is a professional home organizer and stylist. She is also a graphic designer and an artist. 

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