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Gaining a renewed sense of calm in your home does not have to involve a costly, wasteful and disruptive renovation. Simply getting rid of what you don’t love, and re-organizing what you do love, can be all it takes. All you need is someone with an artful eye to guide you through the process.
That is why I founded CUBIKI.

Cubiki is a concept that I developed while thinking about rooms and how they are structured. Each room has essentially six surfaces (like a cube), and each surface of the room is important to the room's success or failure. In order to create a cohesive design, all six sides of the room must be addressed; the floor, each of the four walls and the ceiling combining two words…one English (Cube) and one Japanese (Iki), I coined the word Cubiki. It is pronounced kyew-bee-kee.

Cub(e) (room) – noun
1. a solid bounded by six equal squares, the angle between any two adjacent faces being a right angle.
2. an object, either solid or hollow, having this form or a form  approximating it:

Iki (いき, English: roughly “chic, stylish”)
Iki is a Japanese expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, and originality. It is ephemeral, straightforward, measured, and unselfconscious. Iki is not overly refined, pretentious, or complicated.

Cubiki helped me organize my studio……beautifully and ever so kindly found ways to use my visual chaos in an organized way. My world has changed. If you want to hire an insightful organizer, one who’s willing to work with the real wonderful disaster you are…hire Shannon!!!


Artist and Cubiki Client

Cubiki benefits every stage of life. It is perfect for you if you are...

  • a new parent
  • a seasoned parent
  • newly divorced
  • considering divorce
  • preparing to move
  • recently moved
  • a busy professional
  • preparing to rent on AirBnB
  • adopting a pet
  • planning a garage sale
  • an empty nester
  • a collector
  • feeling stuck
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • terminally ill
  • elderly
  • newly disabled
  • aesthetically challenged
  • chronically messy
  • preparing to sell a home
  • starting a new business
  • starting a new project

Cubiki does not strive for ‘minimalism’, rather a renewed sense of joy in the things that one owns.

Speaking of “joy”…Cubiki is similar to the Konmari Method in that once we’ve finished our sessions you will have a renewed sense of pride (and joy) in your home. However, my methods are a bit different. Once we’re done, you will be more content with what you own and where you live. Your home will be a place where you love to spend time. It will be a place that exudes both “Iki” and “hygge”. Your comfort and style are the most important factors.


The process of getting organized and living with intention starts with your physical space. More importantly, it involves an internal awareness of your habits, core beliefs and thoughts in relationship to your belongings. But Cubiki is not just about changing your own life. It’s about changing the world with conscious consumerism. Through the process of organizing, I provide support and external resources to donate and reuse as much as possible. The emphasis will be to get you organized using what you currently own, without having to purchase anything.

Shannon Pawliw
Creative Director, Cubiki

Shannon is a professional home organizer and stylist. She is also a graphic designer and an artist. 

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